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Tom Waits - On The Line In '89 CD

Tom Waits - On The Line In '89 CD


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Product Description

By 1989, Tom Waits was looking back on a decade that had proffered exceptional results. Having grown out from his 1970s barroom crooner and piano balladeer styles, Waits dared to be different at a time when many of his contemporaries were turning to the synthesiser and drum machine. Producing a quite extraordinary body of work during the '80s, including the trio of albums linked by theme, Swordfishtrombones (1983), Rain Dogs (1985) and Frank's Wild Years (1987). These LPs flew the face of musical convention, featuring an eclectic mix of exotic musical styles, many of which had seldom before been used in the idiom of pop music. While an undeniable genius in the studio, Waits' onstage persona, curious charm and dry rhetoric have earned him a reputation as one of the world's finest live performers. The recording featured here, the subject of a live FM radio broadcast, is one such example. Including a wide range of tunes from right across the great man's career, this two disc set will prove a welcome addition to the collections of Tom Waits fans everywhere.
Track Listing
Disc 1:
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Earth Died Screaming
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Get Behind The Mule
Chocolate Jesus
Hold On
Eyeball Kid
Tango Till They're Sore
That Feel
I Beg Your Pardon
Briar And The Rose
Innocent When You Dream
Disc 2:
16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
Shore Leave
Strange Weather
Who Are You
Fillipino Box Spring Hog
In The Colosseum
Cold Water
(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night
House Where Nobody Lives
Big In Japan