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Growlers - Hung At Heart LP

Growlers - Hung At Heart LP


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Product Description

Hung at Heart is the third studio album by the Southern California surf rock band The Growlers, released on 22 January 2013 by Everloving Records.[1] The album garnered generally positive reviews from critics,[2] with Alejandro Rubio of Filter describing it as "a sketchy Tijuana pharmacy that’s got a little “something” for everybody."[3] The album was produced by The Black Keys lead singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach.

1. "Someday"
2. "Naked Kids"
3. "Salt on a Slug"
4. "One Million Lovers"
5. "No Need for Eyes"
6. "Living in a Memory"
7. "Pet Shop Eyes"
8. "In Between"
9. "Burden of the Captain"
10. "Row"
11. "It’s No Use"
12. "Use Me for Your Eggs"
13. "Derka Blues"
14. "Beach Rats"
15. "The Fruit is for Everyone"